Our Services

In the assistance of our clients we deliver a unique and privileged service. We strive to give our clients the level of customization they want. From the specification of the order on site, to the drawing of a detailed price offer till the assistance with installation (or installation itself) by our cabinet-makers. When desired, our models are adapted or completely new prototypes are developed from a blank page. After a first visit and pre-selection in the showroom, the hardware can be presented on site for evaluation together with the architect/interior decorator and the client. For complete houses, this means that hundreds of models take the road, be it Hamburg or the north of England. Peter van Cronenburg and his collaborators evaluate esthetical and technical aspects on site. Once the hardware choice is specified, a detailed price offer is made, room by room, floor by floor, together with technical specifications and advice prior to installation. The project is scheduled and coordinated by one of our team members, assigned as project manager.

The installation can be done by our team or by the clients’ own craftsmen. In the latter case, the hardware is labeled specifying the exact place where it has to be installed, by room, by floor. We remain available during all the process of installation for assistance.