Our Philosophy

"Hardware is the jewelry of a house.”

Ultimate elegance strikes the perfect balance between sobriety and luxury. In the same way it would be an error to wear every day the same garment, it is important to hierarchise in the house and make a distinction between rooms for reception, services and private spaces. The function of a room also plays an important role: the wine cellar door of a connoisseur deserves another handle than a pantry. You don’t penetrate a library room in the same state of mind you do with a workshop. This diversity not only creates a dynamics of its own in the house, but allows to make priorities given a budget.

“Hardware unfolds as life .”

Minor differences in color and patina, size, form are possible, as the product we deliver is the result of handicraft: casting, iron-work, chasing and embossing, polishing, patinating, … . Those differences even stress the authentic, living nature of them. Use will also reveal through color differences the intensively and less intensively used pieces, which is the natural patina and completely normal. We appreciate authentic look and feel, and don’t use varnishes as we experience they don’t age naturally.